Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Some krimi links

Some key websites on the Krimi:

Latarnia's krimi corner at

Evilskip's Movie Joint at

And The Kinski Files at


adrien said...

Perhaps you got the name from Olga-Saglo's flickr set ?

K H Brown said...

No - I'd never seen these before; thanks for bringing them to my attention.

The name came unconsciously from the Krimi Corner on Latarnia.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should put up some of your older reviews here, just to add some "meat" to the site.

K H Brown said...

I know - I haven't had the time of late.

My intention is to start with The Fellowship of the Frog and go through the films chronologically. So once I hit those I've reviewed before the postings should become more frequent.

Mirek said...

It's already confusing to me! And somewhat disturbing, too!

of the original Krimi Corner